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Believe it or not – toxic chemicals including Bisphenol A, phthalates and polybrominated diphenyl ethers (PBDEs), can be found in common baby products like teethers, bath books, and sleep accessories. 1

Should new or expectant parents be worried? YES!

“Normal brain development is impaired by exposure to toxins, such as flame retardants and phthalates, often resulting in learning and other developmental disabilities.” 2

The job of keeping harmful substances away from babies is routinely left to parents. One of the most common items bought for a new baby is a teether. Where does your baby put his teether? Directly into his mouth, potentially absorbing chemicals into a developing body. It’s vital therefore that parents source teethers that are non-toxic.

Fortunately, Baby Does … NYC quests for trending products and brands that are organic, non-toxic and safe for your infant to use. One such line is LexyPexy.

LexyPexy offers a line of handmade organic wooden teethers in a variety of iconic silhouettes. Developed and produced in New York City – a rare thing in itself these days – the teether’s designer Alexis Spadaro says:

“I was interested in exploring the trendier side of organic products and I found that the stuff on the market for infants and toddlers was nowhere near as stylish as the items their moms tote around de rigueur. In cities around the country and all points between, moms are flaunting their fashion tastes and I thought it would be fun for them to have something incredibly stylish while also safe and practical for their babies.”

Cute … but why buy? Here are 10 ‘Mommy-Must-Have” reasons to buy a LexyPexy teether:

1) LexyPexy teethers are handcrafted out of sustainable Vermont Maplewood

2) They are engraved with designs such as handbags, motorcars, and sunglasses

3) The wood is non-splintering

4) The wood is naturally anti-bacterial, non-allergenic and non-toxic

5) The teethers are never painted so it is an ideal alternative to plastic.

6) The materials are all natural and untreated = zero chemicals and toxins that are too often found in plastic counterparts.

7) The teethers are USA manufactured = materials that are organically harvested in a manner that is eco-friendly and safe for both children and the environment

8) USA made = local jobs and small carbon footprint

9) They are an affordable $19!

10) Good karma and robust – so they will last …

Alexis Thalhauser
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