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Lexypexy, a luxury brand for ‘the eco chic baby, launched its new line of baby teethers. The modern-thinking brand features a line of handmade organic wooden teethers in a variety of fashionable silhouettes. The distinctive teethers are an innovative take on a babyhood staple and carve a slice of panache into the baby-fashion world.

The brand, based and produced in New York City, thinks outside the box of the traditional baby products and brings a contemporary twist to every mom’s must-have baby accessory.
The introduction of the Lexypexy brand marks a significant shift for company founder and creative director, Alexis Spadaro, who is a young veteran of both the Los Angeles and New York acting circuits. “I was interested in exploring the trendier side of organic products and I found that the stuff on the market for infants and toddlers was nowhere near as stylish as the items their moms are toting around daily” said Spadaro. “In cities around the country and all points between, moms are flaunting their fashion tastes and I thought it would be fun for them to have something incredibly stylish while also safe and practical for their babies.”

The teethers themselves are handcrafted out of sustainable Vermont Maplewood and engraved with designs such as handbags, motorcars, and sunglasses. The wood is non-splintering, naturally anti-bacterial, non-allergenic and non-toxic, and never painted so it is an ideal alternative to plastic. Said Spadaro, “Because our materials are all natural and untreated, we never have to worry about the chemicals and toxins that are too often found in plastic counterparts. And since Lexypexy manufactures only in the United States, we can ensure that our materials are organically harvested in a manner that is eco-friendly and safe for both children and the environment.”

“If organic is the new black, then Lexypexy teethers are the little black dress!”

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