Teething Toy Care Instructions

Want to keep your teether and toy looking fine and dandy? Here are a few tips to ensure your fave new piece will remain fully operational for all current and future babes:

  • If your baby needs some encouragement to take their first bite, you may spread a small amount of neutrally-colored fruit sauce (apple, pear, etc.) on your teether. Red fruits will stain, so steer clear! 
  • For the occasional spruce-up, use a fine sanding sheet or a smoothing sponge.
  • Teethers can be rinsed with water and allowed to air dry if they’ve had the unfortunate pleasure of coming in contact with public floors or other unmentionable places... This may raise the grain of the wood a bit, but it’s nothing a little sanding paper can't fix!
  • If you want a little shine, rub the teether down with a little (just a little!) Coconut oil, eco-friendly beeswax or some carnauba wax. Just beware of too much shine...those crows are everywhere! <CAW!>
  • If you’ve got a little future Yankees player (or Mets - we’re not biased) already working on his or her throwing arm, we recommend a toy leash!
  • Your teether comes with its own natural, sweet, maple wood scent. This is an indication of the untreated nature of your product. Enjoy!
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